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The Site Team
Vertical Technology was conceived in 1993 by a group of individuals with a common interest in promoting roped access as a viable work solution. Like many successful companies we started on a very tight budget operating out of a spare room. Fortunately there were clients with sufficient foresight to support us with those crucial early contracts.

Originally the company directors not only managed and promoted the company, but also undertook all of the site work. This factor was crucial in developing VT’s current widely admired work ethic. If you own the company, you work on site with an enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude and realise that a satisfied customer is one that will use you again. These days the directors may only get their hands dirty once in a while, but have managed to instil this team ethic in our site staff and they work as if VT was their own company, which in many ways it is. Our open door policy makes us popular to work for and we are repeatedly praised on the attitude of our site staff and their willingness to get the job done well.

We are now based in a rural modern industrial unit with office, stores and workshop. Working with IRATA [industrial rope access trade association] we have developed our safe working practices to a high level and have been a full IRATA certified company for a number of years.

We are aware of our environmental impact and take positive steps to minimise this. Where practical we encourage vehicle share, use of public transport, the company bicycles, recycle and reuse.


The Team

Chris Flewitt BSc [Hons] Engineering Geology

After 10 years working as a contract engineering geologist for many of the big site investigation contractors to fund a climbing and mountaineering obsession, Chris combined the two in roped access and was one of the early IRATA level 3’s. Chris is primarily responsible for the Geotechnical division and Health & Safety. Chris spends his spare time messing around with sailing boats and planning his climbing comeback.

David Parker BSc Geology

Another keen climber and geolosistwho became involved with the roped access industrial in the early years as a way of combining a hobby with work. Like Chris, Dave has been a level 3 since the first years of IRATA. Dave is responsible for the safe access systems division and specialist rope access operations such as nuclear power and historic structures. He spends his spare time kite surfing, mountain biking and dreaming about a planning a climbing comeback.

Sharon Lambden BA [Hons] English & Classics

Sharon is the 3rd remaining founder of VT and is the Financial Director with responsibility for maintaining the company data base and IT systems. Sharon spends her spare time messing around with sailing boats and organising her family.

Kevin Skipper

Kev is our most experienced Contract Manager and IRATA level 3. Once a contract is awarded, it is Kev’s job to make the plan happen on site and keep it on course. To do this he will work closely with the site foreman, stay cool, calm and help get the problems sorted. Kev is straight talking and knowledgeable which has gained him immense respect with our clients and his VT colleagues. If he has spare time away from his young family it would be spent paddling his sea kayak and planning to restore an old Cortina.

Debbie McBride

Debbie is the office manager, looking after the paperwork and ensuring everybody knows where they are going.  Another sailor and keep fit fanatic.

Dennis White

Den is our store man and spends his time, maintaining, inspecting and auditing kit. When much of our equipment is involved in working at height, inspecting and logging use is a vital part of the Health and Safety system. In his spare time Den likes to be cynical and compete in 4 x 4 trails.

Paul Lambden

A time served tool maker of over 30 years, Paul is responsible for planning and supervising the installation of safe access systems. In addition, his fabrication skills are used for our bespoke projects. In his spare time when not being organised by his wife Sharon [see above], Paul loves messing around with his classic sailing yacht.


The Site Team

A fantastic group of friendly, motivated and most importantly experienced people. From IRATA level 3 foreman to irata level 1 junior, they are a cohesive team who will get the job done despite the difficulties and foul weather. Among them there are surfers, climber’s, kayakers and cavers who like to work as hard as they play, often together when away from work. Some will spend their holidays exploring new cave systems in India or South America, paddling a river in the Hindu Kush or surfing in North Spain. When you do this in your spare time, you have invaluable qualities for the most challenging work environment.

Jon Church Vertical Technology IRATA level 3 supervisor


Yannick Guerra Vertical Technology IRATA level 3 Supervisor