Rock Traps and Catch Fences

rock anchors

In some instances an engineered catch fence or rock trap can provide protection from rock falls.

A typical example would be one where rock falls may come down to a road from a mountain side either naturally or stones dislodged by sheep or deer.

Rock netting a whole hillside is not practical, but the road could be protected by a catch fence located in the right place.

Rock fall may be channelled down a gully, again a good place to use a catch fence.


For a catch fence to work, it must be

a) strong enough
b) of the right height and
c) in the right location.

To determine this, Vertical Technology will inspect the rock fall source, check trajectories and fall height to enable a suitable design to be produced for either a proprietary system or a one-off bespoke.

VT have not only installed catch structures to protect from rock falls but also to protect occupants from objects deliberately thrown off cliffs.



Catch fence under construction, Plymouth, Devon Temporary catch fence to arrest large stump removed from cliff - Looe.