rock anchors
Mount Pleasant Sorting Office
high level steelwork clean
For many high level sites, roped access is the ideal method of reaching areas to be cleaned.

On some sites roped access will be the only suitable method.

  • Removing dust and soot
    from structures
  • Cleaning cladding & curtain walls
  • Jet washing
  • Gutter clearing
  • Clearing vegetation from walls

Vertical Technology operatives will either use suitable parts of the structure to secure themselves to or install temporary or permanent anchor points as appropriate.

Vertical Technology have installed many bespoke anchor points on buildings and structures to allow
future cleaning and maintenance
to be undertaken with roped access.

Roped access allows quick mobilisation to the work site with minimum plant and set up time, essential for undertaking works out of regular working hours and limited shut down periods.


Cleaning up soot after the Peterborough Cathedral Fire


Caption Clearing vegetation from Berry Pomeroy castle walls. Leicester Space Science Centre