rock anchors
Installing lightning conductor,
Eddystone Lighthouse
For many installation jobs complicated by difficult access, the cost of traditional access methods can become disproportionately large compared to the work to be done. In these circumstances, roped access can provide the right solution often greatly reducing the cost of some work elements.

Using a considered and well planned approach Vertical Technology have installed surprisingly heavy and awkward objects with all lifting operations carried out within LOLER.

The high level of expertise and experience of Vertical Technology’s site operatives are key to success in these projects.

The installation of lightning conductors on offshore lighthouses perfectly illustrates the skills the Vertical Technology can employ. Working in a very isolated environment our team cut laser straight channels into the granite blocks, fix the heavy conductor tapes in place with bolts, fill the channel flush with the surface and then continue down to below the low tide mark where the earth rods are drilled and grouted into the bed rock.

By using our experience in designing rock catch fences, Vertical Technology has adapted to design and install helipd safety spars and nets. Vertical Technology will also inspect and replace the nets where there is frequently the risk of falls from height for operatives.

Design and installation of Helipad safety net, QA Hospital, Portsmouth


Installing ducts under Tilbury Pier. Changing anodes Hinkley B Nuclear Power Station. Changing anodes Hinkley B Nuclear Power Station.