Rock Scaling and Vegetation Removal

The removal of loose rock and vegetation is often the first stage to improving the stability of a rock face or slope. Poorly undertaken or inappropriate scaling can leave a rock face in a worse condition than before. Knowing when to stop and what to leave in place is as equally important.

Using a skilled and experienced workforce working in close consultation with our engineering geologists, Vertical Technology has safety removed very large unstable rock units in a safe and controlled manner.

Health and Safety

This is a potentially hazardous operation that requires skilled and experienced operatives working with the highest level of Health and Safety. Vertical Technology pre- plan all rock scaling operations and ensure that they are undertaken under close supervision with solid input from our engineering geologists.

We have trained and certificated tree surgeons for the safe removal of trees and the poisoning of stumps.

Before removing unstable rock pillars – Hollicombe Bay, Devon

...and after.


Camel Trail, Cornwall Brixham, Devon DTH Drilling, Brixham DTH Drilling, Brixham DTH Drilling, Brixham