Safety Works

rock anchors
Removing loose concrete, Tricorn Ctr.
Safety works often require a rapid response after a small event has alerted of a potential risk to third parties. Using roped access Vertical Technology can be on site the next day or sooner if necessary, assess the situation and make safe.

Many older concrete structures suffer corrosion to the steel reinforcement producing concrete spalls and many clients choose to control this by annual visits to remove the build up of loose material, a task perfectly suited to roped access.

For some smaller dismantling jobs complicated by difficult access, the cost of traditional access methods can become disproportionately large compared to the work to be done. In these circumstances, roped access can provide the right solution.


Using a planned approach with Health and Safety paramount, Vertical Technology have dismantled for example; walkways, small bridges, cladding panels and steelwork.


Dismantling walkways, Royal Sovereign Lighthouse


Wrapping loose concrete in netting. Royal Sovereign Lighthouse. Dismantling steelwork in a historic dome . Installation of safety netting, The Bell Tower, Chichester.