Testing and Recertification

rock anchors
Abseil eyebolt testing on the
Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays,
In order to comply with HSE legislation all fall arrest & fall restraint systems (eyebolts, vertical & horizontal lifelines) must be tested and carry a current test certificate.

Upon installation the system(s) are issued with an installation certificate. The system(s) must then be inspected annually by a competent and qualified person to ensure it is in a safe working condition as detailed in BS 7883:1997 and BS EN 365:1993.
Organisations, companies and/or individuals who do not comply with this can be liable if an accident occurs and the system is found to be defective and/or uncertified.

Vertical Technology technicians are able inspect, test, and repair all types of fall protection systems from a range of manufacturers and provide a detailed condition report with current test certificate.

We are also able to inspect and offer
advice on the suitability the
associated height safety PPE
(Personal Protective Equipment).