Vertical Cable Systems


The EasyClimber System is a family of products for a variety of structures and applications, which when used with the patented MonkeyT Attachment Device provides a most versatile safety solution.

  • EasyClimber for Ladders
  • EasyClimber for Masts
    and Pylons
  • EasyClimber for Bridges
    and Inclined Structures

Common features of the
EasyClimber™ system:

  • Components are made from high quality
    marine grade 316 stainless steel
  • Components are electropolished for long
  • term corrosion resistance
  • Systems can be part of a new structure or
    retrofitted to existing structures
  • Systems provide uninterrupted movement for
    user during ascent and descent
  • Users can attach or detach at any point along
    the length of the system
  • A tension indicator at the bottom of the system
    tells whether the system is safe for use
  • Intermediate brackets support the cable and
    prevent wind chatter and cable fretting
  • An energy absorbing top anchorage protects the
    attachment structure and reduces the arrest force
  • Systems are tested in accordance with EN353-1
    and are CE marked


The ingenious Monkey™ has been designed such that it sits on the cable under its self weight, held in place by a friction system. the device then allows free climbing when a very light load is applied to it in the direction of movement.

In the event of a fall the Monkey™ locks on to the cable, limiting freefall and safely arresting the user.

The Monkey™ can be attached and detached from the system at any position by two simple manual actions and is automatically secured when released by the user.

The Monkey™ fits in the palm of the hand and weighs only 860g.