Walkabout Tensioned Work Platforms

The Walkabout tensioned work platform is a highly versatile access system which can be used to provide a primary working platform for persons working at height.

Walkabout tensioned work platforms to allow personnel without rope access training to work safely at height on a level stable platform (a cost effective alternative to birdcage scaffolding).

As a full IRATA operator company, Vertical Technology Ltd is able to install the Walkabout tensioned work platforms using industrial roped access techniques in locations which are difficult to access.

  • Walkabout tensioned work platforms have a 450kg swl.
  • Easy to handle for rapid installation and dismantling.
  • No scaffold poles or boards to damage finished surfaces.
  • Materials/tools cannot drop through the panels.
  • No need for an exclusion zone beneath.
  • Allows light through which benefits contractors working beneath.